Advent - A reflection

We light the first Advent Candle as we prepare and reflect on the coming of Christ

Come from your homes with Christmas cards unwritten with your family arrangements yet to be finalised.
Come share in a celebration which began with the homeless, the illiterate and the unmarried.
Come from your places of work with 'to-do' lists as long as your arm with in-trays overflowing and phone calls put off yet again.
Come from your communities where talk is of Christmas shopping and, where our children are whipped up by advertising frenzy.
Come share in a celebration where we have nothing to peddle but our stories of hope.
Come from your nations where immigrants are unwelcome and politicians vie for your vote.
Come share in a celebration where the proud will be scattered and the rich sent away empty.
Come Holy Spirit - Come let us worship,
Come let us turn our lives upside down.

Edward Cox "An Advent Call to Worship"

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